About Owlytica

We Know IT Channel Companies

These days it gets harder and harder to scale an IT services organization, especially one that sells, tracks, and services assets.  Your assets are a mess, renewals are missed, and service is not up to standard. It can feel like you’ve hit a wall.

Just having a great team doesn’t mean you will find success. You’re being held back by software and systems that don't work or simply don't exist — impacting renewals, service, sales ops, and (most importantly) your bottom line.

At Owlytica, we know you’ve worked hard to be the trusted leader of your team and we believe it’s wrong that disconnected systems and software are holding you back. We’ve been busy building an intuitive platform to improve our own sales and service operation for the past four years. Now it’s time to share our platform with the world.

The Owlytica software platform is simple to use. It gives you the tools you need to grow, scale and make good decisions. After all, you simply don’t have time to deal with bad software.

We are committed to helping you scale your business. We know your team, family, and customers are counting on you. We can help.


Reid Smith-Vaniz | CEO & Founder of Owlytica

Reid is also the founder of Reliant Technology, serving 1000s of customers with on-site field service data center maintenance. Building Owlytica it allowed them to insource maintenance operations and grow margins by 34% while meeting 98% of customer SLAs.